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At Spirit Combat Sports, we offer affordable boxing equipment from UFC, the leading name in the MMA world. Our youth boxing gloves are durable and reliable for children to use safely and effectively.

Features of UFC Boxing Gloves for Kids

Youth boxing gloves differ from adult gloves in their overall design, weight and size. Our kids' gloves provide the added protection and usability younger boxers need for training and competing.

A few major differences between adults' and kids' gloves include:

  • Design: Because children's bones are more fragile and still growing, they need boxing gloves with more padding for protection. These gloves are also designed so that children can easily and quickly put them on.

  • Weight: Most kids' gloves are much lighter than adult gloves, weighing between 6 oz. and 10 oz. for easier use.

  • Size: Even though they weigh less than adult gloves, children's gloves are usually larger because of the extra padding.

Types of Youth Boxing Gloves Available

If you're looking for quality junior boxing gloves, we have what you need at Spirit Combat Sports. Our types of youth boxing gloves include:

  • Muay Thai-style boxing gloves: These Muay Thai-style gloves feature high-density foam for protection, secure wrap-around wrist closure and reinforced stitching for durability.

  • Pro Fitness training glove: Our training gloves are adaptable for a variety of experience and fitness levels. They feature durable outer material, one-piece molded foam and secure wrist closure.

Once you decide on the perfect boxing glove style, choose from our size and color options to get the right fit and design. Our sturdy, protective gloves will help your young boxer build strength and endurance while delivering safety and user-friendly functionality for bag work, training and sparring.

How Junior Boxing Gloves Benefit Kids

Boxing helps kids build physical, emotional and social health. When kids train with high-quality boxing gloves that are right for them, they'll get more out of every training session. The benefits of boxing gloves for kids include:

  • Improved performance: Kids can work more efficiently with gloves that provide a customized, secure fit.

  • Increased safety: With specialized features such as padding and extra protection for palms and fingers, our kid-sized gloves help keep young boxers safe.

  • Enhanced durability: Our products have a number of features to ensure safety and long-lasting performance, even after many uses.

Get Outstanding Performance With Youth Boxing Gloves

At Spirit Combat Sports, we equip you to train like a pro so you can accomplish more. We carry official licensed UFC products for MMA fans of all ages. When you order a UFC product from us, you can be sure that it is authentic and approved by UFC athletes. You also get a 60-day warranty for peace of mind.

Enjoy exceptional performance and durability with our selection of authentic UFC products. To learn more, explore our products today and order boxing gloves online.


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