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Dyaco is a business on the move. 

We are already a big player in consumer-based fitness equipment, and our aim is to be a leading commercial and medical fitness brand. We’re the second largest fitness equipment manufacturer in Taiwan, and we’re rapidly growing our global business. 

The company started life in 1990 as a Taipei-based trading company connecting global sporting brands with manufacturers in Taiwan. The region was rapidly becoming a manufacturing powerhouse, which by the early 90’s supplied over 30% of all US sporting goods. 

Moving fast in a whirlwind of growth and competition, Dyaco invested in becoming a manufacturer itself, and with our own research and development facilities, we are now emerging as a brand portfolio business through product ownership, licensing, partnership and distribution agreements. 

Focusing increasingly on the professional and healthcare markets, and listed on the Taipei 

emerging market exchange in 2011, Dyaco is today poised to take its place as a key global fitness and rehabilitation industry player through agile market entry, creating new markets, innovative thinking and new value creation. 

We pride ourselves on being agile and disruptive. We want to bring fresh-thinking into how the world looks at health, fitness, active ageing and rehabilitation. But our main focus is on the people who run the fitness and healthcare businesses and the people who use our products. Our mission is to give those customers the best total solutions and best-in-class support.

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