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There is a reason why Boxing is widely popular and many people's exercise of choice. It is one of the most effective and enjoyable combat sports. Boxing combines cardio, will-power, determination and strength in one satisfying exercise.

Whether you're a seasoned boxer or just beginning, it's important to remind yourself why you got started in the first place. We've compiled a list of the top 7 reasons why boxing is good for your body and your mind to help you stay motivated or to motivate you to finally sign up for your first class. Read below and get punching.

1.Weight Loss

Before we get into the deeper benefits of boxing, we wanted to touch on the most obvious and for many the most motivational: weight loss. 1 hour of boxing can burn up to 800 calories. That's a lot of sweat! Boxing is so effective because it works both anaerobic and cardiovascular systems. While training you'll be doing a variety of moves, each of which work a different system. So you are guaranteed to get a well rounded, intense workout that burns a lot of calories. Combined with a balanced diet, boxing is the perfect sport for losing weight.

2. Stress Relief

With all that sweat comes a lot of endorphins! According to the Mayo Clinic exercise can act as a stress reliever by boosting your feel-good endorphins and distracting you from your daily worries. What better way to distract and get your frustrations out than through boxing? Nothing compares to the invigorating feeling of literally punching your worries away.

3. Self Defense

Boxing is a great tool for learning self defense. A boxing class will cover techniques that any person can use, no matter their size or level of expertise. You will learn a variety of punching techniques such as the jab, cross, hook and uppercut. In addition to punching you will learn defense techniques like slipping, bobbing, blocking, cover-up, clinching, footwork, and pulling away. Having all of these moves under your belt may come in handy should you ever need to defend yourself.

4. Increased Strength

Heavy bags are called heavy for good reason. Most weigh around 100lbs. If you're punching a heavy bag over and over you can bet you're building some impressive muscles and strength and not just in your arms. Striking a bag requires upper body, lower body and core to engage, which means you're getting a full body workout while boxing. In addition to bag work, many classes also include other strength training exercises like squats and pushups. You'll feel strong, powerful and healthy after picking up boxing.

5. Improved Hand-Eye Coordination

Heavy bags are not the only target you'll come across during training. Speed bags, double end bags and mitts are other extremely important boxing tools. The fast rebound of a speed bag and unpredictability of a double end bag help improve your hand-eye coordination which ultimately improves your fine motor skills and reflexes.

6. Teaches Discipline

The benefits of boxing are not all physical. You will also find within yourself a determination and discipline you never knew was possible. The rigorous sport will push you to your limits, but you will learn to push back. In the middle of an intense workout, you may feel like giving up but your coaches and training partners will help you stay strong. You will leave class feeling stronger and more determined than ever.

7. Boosted Confidence

After a rigorous boxing workout you will feel on top of the world. You will leave feeling confident in yourself after having accomplished such a great workout. With the weight loss, stress relief, skills, strength, hand-eye coordination and discipline comes an overpowering feeling of confidence. Boxing helps you live a healthier more powerful life and you will take that confidence with you through all aspects of your day.


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