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These UFC boxing gloves are cool and stylish one piece design with unique Lava print finish, and are suitable for middle to pro level boxing. Finished in durable PU finish with injected molded foam inner for superb protection during use.


  • • UFC Octagon Lava print

    • Compact design ideal for a wide range of boxing exercises

    • Made of PU outside material for durability during training

    • High compression IMF foam padding delivers  great protectection

    • Mesh ventilation on palm

    • 8/10/12/14/16 oz sizes

  • RED: 8oz_UHK-75673, 10oz_UHK-75674, 12oz_UHK-75675, 14oz_UHK-75676, 16oz_UHK-75677

    BLACK: 8oz_UHK-75678, 10oz_UHK-75679, 12oz_UHK-75680, 14oz_UHK-75681, 16oz_UHK-75682

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