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The UFC Mini Band Set is an essential training tool for all athletes. Each durable resistance band level o ers a variety of exercises to increase strength, power, and mobility. This color-coded set includes a range of five powerful resistance levels: Light 10-15 lbs, Medium 15-20 lbs, Heavy 20-25 lbs, X-Heavy 25-30 lbs, XX-Heavy 45-60 lbs, allowing for progressive intensity training for beginners to advanced users. With 10-60 pounds of resistance, you will be able to use these bands to maximize your strength gains with every exercise. The UFC Mini Band Set is portable and comes with a mesh travel bag so you can exercise at home or on the go.


  • • Perfect for general exercise, stretching, strength training, weight loss, yoga, and Pilates

    • Suitable for all fitness levels

    • Made from 100% natural latex

    • Includes a mesh travel bag for portable on-the-go ease

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