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UFC Boxing hand wraps inner gloves are extremely shocked absorbing. Made from comfortable neoprene with gel insert for extra protection. Perfect  for muay Thai, kickboxing and other combat sports for added knuckle protection


  • • Unique UFC pattern design 

    • Gel Hand Wraps help protect your hands while you are training boxing, kickboxing, MMA, or any other form of striking

    • Gel padding in the knuckle and hand area adds an extra layer of protection to traditional hand wraps  

    • Secure and comfortable neoprene fit to stay in place  during your workout

    • Designed to be worn under traditional boxing gloves

    • Available in S/M and L/LXL size 

  • BLACK: S/M_UHK-75690, L/XL_UHK-75691

    WHITE: S/M_UHK-75692, L/XL_UHK-75693


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